Testimony: Femi Koleoso

Hi, my name is Femi Koleoso and I have been coming to Jubilee church North London for… well all my life. Yes, you’ve probably gathered I am in fact Tope Koleoso’s son, who is the lead pastor in our church. I was asked by Leo, the Youth Leader in Jubilee to write a little bit about my Christian journey. So here it comes and I hope you’re blessed by it.
I gave my life Christ at the age of 6. You’re most likely thinking, that’s way to young, but I see it like this, I had a brain, I had an understanding of heaven and hell and I knew I wanted to go to heaven. I spoke to my dad about this and my dad then led me to Christ. Now at age 6, you’re not going to be reading your bible in depth, and lets face it, your more worried about playing with your action men than living for the Lord. And that’s how it was for me.
Now something interesting happened at age 6, which was going to shape the rest of my life. At church one day, church had finished, and my attention was drawn towards the drum kit, being the confident young boy I was, I decided to have a go. Just messing about my parents saw how much joy I was experiencing and decided to buy me a kit for my birthday. They most likely wish they had purchased a piano or guitar, as many noisy years in the household were to follow. At age 8, there was no one to play the drums at church, I then put my hand up and said I would do it. And that was when it began, age 8 I first drummed in church, ‘til this day I can still remember the songs we played, one of which being ‘Wonderful so wonder aka beautiful one’
Now I used the phrase that the decision to first go on the drum kit shaped my life, and it has, significantly. Through my love for drumming, that translated into a love for worship, which made my relationship with the Lord more personal. Music became my passion and I wasn’t happier than when I was banging out the drums. Skip a few years and I am now a 16 year old boy, aspiring to be a professional musician, drumming in various bands in London and teaching drums on a weekly basis as a day job, but more importantly I want to live a God centered life and serve God through music and touch lives and that’s what a I strive for everyday. Now being a teenage Christian is not easy. Temptations seem to be thrown at you left right and center, but it’s the rooting that I have which keeps me on the straight and narrow. Rooting comes from Worship, prayer and up keeping a real and alive relationship with your king. With that there is nothing stopping you from achieving your dreams and ambitions!
My favourite verse in the bible really sums up how I approach my life.
Philippians 4:4 – I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.
Seek the Lord first and all things are possible!
Any teens reading this and wanting to get in the Jubilee circles or just talk to me hit me on facebook/twitter
Facebook-Femi Drummer Koleoso or Twitter- @FemiJazzDrummer
Thank you and God bless!

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